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I hope they go steps backward on that harmful decision. Another example of how to destroy one's reputation. That for,  I had installed TV11 on my mothers Computer, as Admin and she is working as normal user. If you have a perpetual license for an older version, please make sure that you are using your license for these connections and if you still have problems, please contact our support team. I had attached the devices that are running an old teamviewer version to my teamviewer … What I have done is to abandon TV and I am using an alternative application that is just as good. The point of a remote control app is to remotely manage remote machines. So instead had to coach my 90 yr old mother on finding, downloading and installing the latest version, without being able to see: so difficult and time consuming!

Cant update teamviewer remotely :(. We noticed through the feedback of many users that this kind of bug exists at the moment and that updating the versions to the latest one on both sides of the connection seem to be a stable fix. But if your family member can press a button than a port forwarding will do it already. This sure looks like a Microsoft "scam" of sorts to me. My macbook is compatible but I can't even use it to login to my iMac due to this version out-of-date problem. To fix this there are still other ways, maybe not that easy, but even more comfortable as travelling around the whole world. This is quite disturbing.

Goodbye TeamViewer, I followed your business policy from v3 to now, it went worse and worse. Once they have the income needed (large user base, mainly corporate), removing the free users that consume resources (and money) without generating revenue is a natural step for a company. The name is embedded and reversed herein. The update instructions don't work for Quick Support, which doesn't have an update option in its help menu. This solution is not suitable in many environments like the one I have in many companies (I do remote support for a living). TeamViewer on my new work laptop hadn't been activated and suddenly denied access with a misleading error message.

You justed needed their ID and password. I guess your family member might have OS X 10.9 (OS versions).

If my reply answered your question, help out other users and click the Accept as a Solution button below. TEAMVIEWER DECIDES TO STOP THE WORK IN VERSIONS 9, 12 IN MY SERVERS UBUNTU SERVER 10.04 AND 12 LTS. I can not ask the company to throw away their Linux server !!! I agree. This is a really bad policy - I'll be looking for an alternative to TeamViewer because I can't risk losing connection in the future. This needs to be corrected immediately. I am using Windows XP service pack3, when i try to connect to another device I get two messages (windows): "Version out-of-date:Update the remote TeamViewer" and "Impossibile to connect, unknown cause". HI, I have the same problem. It would have also been helpful if the notifications that you are connecting to an older version said, "Please upgrade, the target because connections to older versions will no longer be supported as of -x- date". Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. After update to latest version of Quick Support, STILL got the message. Unfortunatley this update killed the ability to manage remote machines, even for Team Viewer update purposes. If you do encounter any issues when making connections to/from your licensed devices, I would recommend reaching out to our support team directly so we may further assist. I'm actually giving up on Team Viewer at this point because its no longer easy to use or user friendly. Am being told that I can't connect since the pc I'm connecting to is running an older version of TeamViewer. Hello @allitsolutions,Hello @mspl,Hello @ashwathn. I was at the remote computer's location yesterday, and updated TeamViewer 14 to the latest version 14.7.48298. They have changed the limitations on the Free Version, they do not let free users to connect to computers with older versions, if you do not have a license you can only can connect to a computer that has the last version. It should not be necessary to install the latest version, unless Microsoft created this bug intentionally to force everybody to update to a "backdoor version" of TV. Teamviewer is trying to say: Throw out all the computers that cannot run TV14!!! I have used Teamviewer only 5 times in the past year so I don't expect to have to buy a licence. and were you able to create a vpn remotely or not? From my new post, I see that this forum has censored the name of the competitive product, to which I just switched.

[removed per Community Guidelines - Sales Solicitation policy] Good luck. I understand there is a widespread issue among Linux users not being able to update, but it would be helpful to know how is it working for other Mac users? I am afraid this "solution" was of no help at all. If on the same local network and using the IP adresses, I still can connect to linux machines running teamviewer version mentioned above. I used TeamViewer mostly to help my remote mother. At a company level we are global positioned aka..... remote machines. I still can't - it says he has an out-of-date version, which is false. I and many other owners of version 12 chose not to go with the subscription license for version 13 and cannot legally upgrade to 13. I have now abandoned Team Viewer and switched to "**Third Party Product**", which works very well like Team Viewer used to work before they messed it up. - How to proceed. Otherwise enjoy your new computers (please!) My situation prevents me from upgrading my remote computers because they are located "Remotely". Our goal is to provide you with the best service. Creating and running a own VPN-Server is not that difficulty and there should be software distributions for nearly every OS, that can be installed on the devices running old teamviewer versions. You won't see any third party name here. Yes, they have made a mistake and now have a problem with many users, but they won't admit their mistakes. I am left with Teamviewer which currently times out after 5 minutes because I haven't updated to a newer version that won't install. Not sure how many users are under the same condition.

Legally, isn't TeamViewer liable for breaking the promise? Error out of date but is updated. Free version user here trying to connect on the same network from a MacPro to an iMac, both running the latest version of Mojave and Teamviewer (14.3.4730). Man,  yesterday I turned on teamviewer on a computer I knew i wouldn't have physical access to for a week. It has worked perfectly when needed for over a year. Very important with helping people who cannot stop to move the mouse etc. I have the same problem and have updated both my computer and the remote computer however we both still get the same message. I remember when cloud storage space was taking off that the companies started to offer free services and then, when they had a large userbase of free and paid users, either: went bankrupt, or removed the free tier. Surprised to learn that Chrome browser offers a remote assist tool. I also plan to remove TeamViewer on a personal tool basis. What's to do? It is not something that gives me the opportunity to recommend your products in the future. After you have created the policy you can drag in your devices to the policy list, and the machines should self update to teamviewer 14 within next 7 days. BTW, free account here. Teamviewer Loop: I try to log in to my remote device > "Version is out of date..." I have to update the remote device in order to access it > I can't log in to the remote device because it's not updated so I can't update it. Due to the new policy, I just found I cannot login to my remote personal PC which has an older version of Teamviewer on it.

Last week, everything worked fine. Teamviewer needs to enable backwards compatibility... Updating my TV to the latest version did not help. If I mention in this forum some other, concurrent product, they will automatically delete the name, so I had to mask it, see above **Third Party Product**.

Clearly, somebody does not know what to do. I cannot get to the remote computer and now I cannot access it as well. I have found some mentions of TV10 on the Debian 9 OS, but they don't talk about the version of the software (unless I'm missing what to look for in the files or location). I tried version 12 on my Mac, the oldest version I can run.

So after many many years of using TeamViewer (I think I started with TeamViewer 3) I sadly have to switch to another program, at least for the free connection of my customers. Subscription! PS. I've paid for the 3 simultaneous connection so I won't stop using it for my work because it was a very hard decision and a very expensive one and it works ok. What happened to Lifetime License?!?! If you guys come up with an actual working solution let me know but for now its **Third Party Product** for me and my customers. My flavor of this problem was: using current full version of TV on a PC, and using Quick Support for Mac on remote. Once you are their just update? Evern after uninstalling and reinstalling TV14, the console still sees the box as TV10. But this is no solution for people who haven't attached the devices to their account and even not for people having devices that are not supported by teamviewer version 14 ! Or only Version 12 and older? It is no longer possible to use lifetime licenses at the same time as customers use free licenses in the same version to connect between their own private PCs. And also if another friend try to connect with version 14 to my friends version 12 it works?!

took the decision to remove TeamViewer as a solution due to this. Even though we are both running the exact same Version 14.7.48298, from May 28, 2020, on Mac laptops , I can no longer connect and instead receive the Version out-of-date: Update the remote Teamviewer error message.

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